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Hello, I'm Alex.

And this is an invitation to deep-thinking, change-seeking women to community, conversation, and care.

At UNDERMININGnormal, we’re creating space for conversations women don’t usually get to have.

We have small-group conversations (via Zoom) that are unhurried, friendly and nourishing in ways you can't provide for yourself on your own.

There's a topic, but there's no agenda. Nothing to prepare. Nothing to accomplish.

In my mind, when we get together, it's like there's a lake, trees and the option of rowing to the rush and everywhere is the destination.

This is about being, relaxing and connecting.

Through each other's stories, camaraderie, care —and differences in view and history and interests, we can discover ourselves, make new friends and change the world, so that it better supports and reflects us and what matters to us.

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Let's create the space we need, to fully explore and express ourselves as women in a world where the default is male.

with much care and interest, —Alex (Alexandra Jacoby)

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