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our next gathering: is living room picnic on Mon 30-May at 7:30-8:30pm EST
and our topic is: activation + re-grounding

Dear fellow deep-thinking, change-seeking woman,

Times are hard. And I have no answers for us. I just don’t want to turn away. No judgments for turning away, or numbing out. I’ve been turning away most of the time.
I know how impossible it can feel in your being to do anything other than retreat.
I don’t believe I’m done retreating either. Just that I want to explore the rhythm of staying.

I feel the activation - the threat, the horror, the hate. The violence this time was not done to my body. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain.

I don’t know what you feel.

I believe it’s a lot though.

It has to be.
You’re alive.

activation + re-grounding

It’s not a formula. So, what is it?

At our next living room picnic, I’d like to consider activation + re-grounding and to hold space for whatever we’re feeling. Much of it is too hard, too much to hold on our own…

Let’s talk 🌳 🚣‍♀️
Register here to participate in activation + re-grounding a living room picnic on 30-May from 7:30-8:30pm EST.
There’s nothing you need to know or do beforehand to participate. Discussion prompts are sent out over the weekend (in case you like that).

Here’s more or less how it’ll flow —

We open with a question of some kind to get to know each other a little, then we take time to gather our thoughts (a brief private journaling session) and move into discussion time to unhurriedly think out loud together. When I haven’t cut it too close to the edge of the hour, we close with a moment to collect ourselves and cross back over to our respective worlds. It’s personal, relaxed and non-performative.

A small group of women interested in conversation and each other’s [unique] views.

If you’ve never attended a living room picnic and feel like more of an introduction to UNDERMININGnormal and what picnics are like, you can stop by the courtyard; I wrote this for you.

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It costs $7.00 to attend the picinic, and comes with a month of membership.
Members can participate in all UNDERMININGnormal gatherings and programs.

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